Self-Serve Programmatic Advertising

RealClicks DSP

Campaign Optimization Tools

Conversion Pixels

Track conversions by clicks and leads.

Protected Media

Exclude traffic from suspicious sources.

Frequency Capping

Set daily number of unique impressions.

Supply Choice

Select your ads to show on sites or apps.

Real-Time Reporting

Access detailed reports and statistics.

Filter Lists

Create Whitelists and Blacklists.

Creative Library

Upload creatives for different campaigns.

Tag Macros

Add macros to links for optimization.

Campaign Targeting Tools

App Targeting

Advertise campaigns on specific apps.

Device Targeting

Target by desktop or mobile devices.

Target by Carriers

Target by ISP or Wi-Fi connections.

Domain Targeting

Advertise campaigns on specific sites.

Browser Targeting

Target campaigns by specific browsers.

OS Targeting

Target campaigns by operating systems.

Geo Targeting

Target visitors by countries and cities.

SSP Targeting

Target campaigns by specific SSPs.

Category Targeting

Target campaigns by all IAB categories.

Language Targeting

Target campaigns by 17 languages.

Time Targeting

Schedule when to run campaigns.

IP Targeting

Target campaigns by IP addresses.

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