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Let's target an accurate audience

Targeting ads to the right customers is an essential part of a successful advertising campaign, we offer different ways of targeting your ads.

Target by Apps

Target by Devices

Target by Carriers

Target by Domains

Target by Browsers

Target by SSPs

Target by Systems

Target by Locations

Target by Categories

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General features of the RealClicks

Our objective is to provide entrepreneurs with knowledgeable information and the best customer service in achieving their advertising needs.

Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic technology helps you to create efficient and sophisticated advertising campaigns.

Connect Multiple SSPs

We work with a range of SSP partners to enable advertisers to get quality traffic in lower rates possible.

Self-Serve DSP

Our platform is 100% self-serve and provides a friendly dashboard to fully manage your campaigns.

Brand-Safe Environment

With our internal and third party security filters we are monitoring all ads and traffic sources.

Advanced Optimization

We offer easy tools to optimize your advertising campaigns in order to receive better ROI and traffic.

Precise Targeting

We provide precise targeting tools to ensure your ads are delivered to the perfect potential customers.

IAB Standard Sizes

Our platform supports all standard IAB ad sizes, in image, flash, JavaScript and HTML formats.

Conversion Pixels

Integrate the tracking code to easily measure and optimize the ROI of your advertising campaigns.

Third-Party Ad Tags

Our advertising platform supports to add third-party creatives in HTML or JavaScript formats.

Budget Control

We keep your funds safe. You can control the daily and the total budget of all advertising campaigns.

Real-Time Reports

View full detailed reports about your advertising campaigns and target only best converted sources.

Dedicated Support

Our support team is ready to provide you instant solutions via e-mail, live chat, phone and Skype.

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